`i come to talk story, Welcomes all, as we appreciate the many skilled guiding us and want to share them with you, as together we resolve time sensitive needs, while celebrating along the way!!

   First off I want to thank `Nabble for allowing us to continue after such detainment, as I worked offline researching how most efficient to share this and take your time to gain understanding, to join in to make this happen!

     I've been working w/a lot of people, good and bad, knowing if we truely understand as a good human, we then do want to do one's part! And if we are doing good, we then find a way to verify those taking advantage of us or another, to realize if another needs to aid them! Sometimes this process can take a long time when we do it ourselves! But if we join in self reflecting becomes easier when working w/good people I respect, so please make space for this read and add yours!

     Let's start again transitioning oneself, while taking time for this read, please! It's important to make space, and if don't understand please leave comment below and I will do my best to answer you! Or if want to talk in private, please email me, kara; farmwuwei@gmail.com (PLEASE NOTE kareje@ictts.org is in error) This startup plan I will share with you now even though yet to explain all here, as it makes a great peace plan if add skilled intermediaries I suggest w/us!

                     **Or just contact these people directly, they are much more skilled then I!**

   Sadly, to many Govs are not seeing the earth-space picture filled w/toxic, as well the joy all can have by prioritizing and restoring healthy working communities that effect the many more then some! Then critical thinkers come aboard, as well many fall in place locally or afar, to resolve!

  Let me share this news and you decide what resonates with you? We are about sharing and creating solutions?

 Can you imagine in US to have the energy grid shut down? Well listen to a man that will explain what he projects will happen, that is 1 of 2 crises;


 The truth of CONGO this week is being shared, Oct 14-31, 2022. This is the 2nd largest Humanitarian crises since WW2, please see CONGO WEEK and share w/all!


 The truth of RU is being lied about in the Ukraine devastation happening, please see the subcategory as we share some very good speakers w/facts from the history to now on how only the Defense Industry's and some Congress people are profiting while many suffer and die! As US and NATO give weapons of war wrongly to Ukraine!

                **Only good minds together will end these, no weapons of war will ever win!**

 Dr Rashid Buttar is one of a few, that has some important information to share on toxic vaccines killing and also solutions to stay alive, and those profiting over COVID and more, please check it out in his subcategory!

         I suggest sharing this w/all you know and neighbors yet to know, as I feel it is time to look beyond living local, and together we can prioritize in conversation here until more is organized on our introduction-message board-archive, once funds come in for techs to help sort this out for you to create upon it! We want an archive, for all to seek like ecosystem contacts, sharing the startup plan as well local plans to then welcome good investors to make your startup plan happen in priority layers!

    This way we can create a list of priority time sensitive needs locally and afar, and w/critical thinkers make space to join in where most comfortable, seeing transparency in our message board here on Nabble that also can work for you, as we make this page much more simple to work w/subcategories? Best to choose a rep to post, and that can be interchangeable roles, so no stress on anyone, as well do your own community's message board and link to us and your choices of subject!
       We suggest what has worked for us, is to gather w/all in a local grown wild potluck, and we have chose places that are important to know what works for our energy to remain in harmony locally!

   We all can learn to maintain our discipline over our self sensory observation vs belief leaving us in misuse-abuse, if self reflecting w/good people, prioritizing function, energy efficiently, producing creative results!

      Ex; As in a natural farm to stay updated w/our true whole food, as we transition from toxic Industrial Agriculture, or wild setting that gives us energy to prioritize our physical movement, as in a nice setting to relax, or gather early and join in a trek, share food and thought w/those unable to come, follow up w/live music, great food and focus directed conversation, and do what resonates getting to know each other, so all have space to vent and share, as well in follow up meets in priority focus directed by skilled students using community's as extended classrooms!

   For years I've tried sharing this w/UN-US Gov and more, yet they failed to listen, as in such a potluck, skilled students guided by professors can orchestrate these meets and follow up meets by priorities of earth-space time sensitive needs as well local.

      Ex; Preparing for first potluck, it can be a class study of community's issues in priority, they can see problems in the local community as well the skilled to guide early signs and welcome Gov-police and all local community! Sadly some police don't get paid enough and have to drive from farther away just to have a job! So they really are not part of the local community and that can change, as you prioritize the need to prevent and educate!!

      Ex; All the children's shootings and adults, as well the suicides! Police can know our neighbors, they do not need to carry weapons, or be in schools, they can get to know one's community in these important community potluck's and follow up meets! Schools can change the curriculum's to the needs of the locals, as well hold self and other's accountable afar! Police should not have weapons of war, they can create w/good scientists a numbing natural substance to aid one hurting self or another, same when facing a wild animal! Humanity does not need profiteers making weapons of war to resolve peace!

 If you look at Functional Medicine; www.ifm.org you will see studies from Dr's knowing Western Medicine needs to change their curriculum. They know all the student shootings in US where done by children/adults on pharmaceuticals done wrong!

                   Take a look at people here I respect to see how simple life can get for people and with your animals;


  This is why in our startup plan we bring up what is real in each local community and even Gov`s join in entire Continent like Saudi Arabia is working on:

      Ex; Where Yemen war can stop by realizing how all are needed to ecologically rethink skillfully w/skilled neighbors, as we suggest this plan to give you ideas to create with, starting by assessing what is and what can be, as all ground w/agroecological systems assessment, as your skilled get support if need by scientists we respect as well Campesino to Campesino, beautiful people gathering to aid neighbor's priority needs as well share skills farmer to farmer communities!

  Please note agroecology is a way of life far beyond just agriculture! Our Industrial Agriculture is very toxic!


 I have much gratitude for him, his wife Dr Clara Nicholls and SOCLA w/skilled scientists of agroecology that cover the earth, here to share!


         PLEASE RESEARCH ON YOU TUBE HIS TITLE (My computer is broke.)

                                  Professor Miguel Altieri - Agroecology and Climate Change

   We will explain each step as our budget changes, so more will help! So please Donate if have to give!

   This way, we can reach out to all and share this long overdue simple efficient reality, needing you all, to do your part that resonates making you whole in the process!

     Start by getting to know yourself, what fuels you to take part here?Pick some like minded, local or afar to know the local needs and offerings that you can take part in, part time and share this, reaching out as far a possible as each Continent should have a rep?

   We've been talking about a bullet list of simplifying, so not all has to know all detail, rather check out some of our sharing and choose what resonates w/you, and then take part to link w/those we share! If don't have a collective effort organized to help others in need, part time, for some, that is all they need is a little help along the way, and they can be great at doing community's needs in exchange!

  This can be as simple as skilled students sharing w/Professors a school-community project, focus directing such priorities, using local and afar communities as extended classrooms, as no more can we just live local! Here is a few thoughts to create upon and please share both online w/those able w/access to computer skills, as well share in local ways offline so people can also stay updated and take part, sharing by posting updates that match the online updates, where locals know best! Same make this friendly for all health and weather conditions in a public space, so new people feel comfortable!!

        Welcome your students and Professors to organize with you, using your community as a extended or only classroom w/you, to enable student w/in all to gain volunteering credit and know how to simply volunteer not requiring pay, same teachers can gain support w/prioritizing living responsibly locally and afar, so together we share, leaving no one left behind!

     Our intent is to share after a lot of research, knowing Humanity has solutions and have had them too long, yet so many of us unaware! We want to end toxic on earth-space and need you to help, whether you become a rep for your community or rep for entire Continent! To share, or define as you gain understanding and correct us and add more. Once our message board gets up and running each will post one's needs or offerings on one's local boards and can link!

  Donate time and funds locally for your local needs to learn, or afar if they can aid solutions! Or to us as a US 501.c3 Nonprofit Charitable Association, if have to give, if so email me, kara. In past I've shared words to receive funding on few social medias, but yet to take any, as I see others need it more, but for those that have, we are happy to get this platform very organized to reach all earthlings, ASAP! To do that soon we need Donations to help!! Doner's have tried but due to fees due, I could not pay, as they never anticipated such fees, leaving us w/budget errors!

    When it comes to controversy we can have a `Conversation and share ways among us that work for 1 or a group w/many? Jamen Shively's group offers free space to the world in his `Conversation offerings to all 1 time a week, as his intent is to save life on earth before becoming extinct. This way people get to know like subject matter and join each other to save energy and resources, so we can act on what works? As I co_evolve I see controversy I'm not skilled to answer, but w/climate change, I'm beginning to see it can be as corrupt as COVD, same Alien tech kept by Coverts! So we need to come together to simplify respecting our lack of knowing or thinking we know and rethink another way!

  I was sharing on twitter about alien science and tech, Covert's have from crashed alien crafts, that Humanity should have, as Dalai Lama set me straight;
The past is past; nothing can change it. But the future depends on the present; we still have the opportunity to shape it. This is not a matter of employing technology or spending more money, it's a question of developing a sense of concern for others' well-being. Thank you Dalai!

       Ex; I've learned a lot from Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson and Jamen Shively's group, as they did a webinar w/Dr Ye Tao sharing the MEER project, a Harvard project w/students and their analysis is done nicely, which I shared before, see them on `Conversation, subcatagory!

  Youtube did not have link attached as I'm having computer issue, so please look it up and take a review of others also. My point here is I too did not connect when first heard this from Guy and Jamen, then later I did. Then it led me to Dr Steven Greer, who I also knew before and did not connect and now I've asked them all to have this discussion, w/Dr Greer if yet to know him? He has since Pres Clinton, briefed all the Presidents of US and others, about his facts w/staff and over 900 whistle blowers he works with, that also worked in US Gov, and others, sharing how the alien crafts now made by Covert humans including some Defense Industries, to pretend an upcoming alien attack!  Why, so as to make fear in us, and then they can profit as they protect us, making us naively wanting them to support more Military acts!

 Dr Greer rebutted recent US Gov broadcast of aliens, showing how alien crafts don't have bolts, as US try's to cover them up, same never in all Dr Greer's life experience w/aliens as he heard any to be aggressive toward earthlings or anyone, they do not use weapons, and have 0 energy, they have stopped Nuclear from entering space, and he feels they will help us more if we stop killing people, and end weapons or war, etc.!

  I, kara, speak for many!! We want to end toxic from earth-space and that includes one of the largest producers of toxic  from the Military Industrial Complex and the Industrial Agriculture!

  Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson shares more on `Aerosol Masking Effects, as we cannot go cold turkey ending any carbon!  

    As well the Industrial Agriculture, many have no clue of how toxic these monocultures are, except for Industrial Hemp which nurtures the soil. All others require external inputs toxic to workers and to our soil-air-water-people, etc..  

 When Agroecological systems require no external inputs, only shared skills, which `Campesino to Campesino do well!

  Yet many are creating more Nuclear and weapons of war that are toxic, yet to even clean up properly the Nuclear waste nor monitor correctly, as they also are taking to outher countrys paying them to take toxic waste, yet the locals really have no clue how toxic! IAEA does not tell all facts!

    As well waste from Military bases and war no matter where they are, leave huma suffering-ecological damage not to mention prehistoric thought not able to communicate as a respectful human to make peace w/skilled intermediaires as our startup plan offers, as we complete it!!

       We welcome all to work to aid the transitioning of the many that profit from them, and the 62 Defense Industry's!

   I ask why should all spend 1 trillion $'s for Meer, as Dr Ye Tao once stated, when if we all come together and do what needed, we can do much more possibly w/the alien tech, once developed for earthling's time sensitive needs! We can do that now says Dr Greer, and he is talking to people able to finance it, but they look at this all wrong like creating a new cell phone, profiting, it does not work that way!  I've asked Dr Greer to explain to me a few things of the lab he wants, but he has yet to answer!

  We need people that want earthlings and all life on earth to continue in harmony not ill-dying prematurely as they are, or not go extinct or be suffering as many are! Shame on us, when you look at every Country with issues! Sure some w/a lot less but wow look at the Congo and the many wars still!

   Have you seen Dr Denis Mukwege's work? Please do, if you think you have a work load? This is a great man to earn from as well help if can, please! If aware of hospital supplies he may need? Political changes to African Union to change policy's, so US Gov and other country's and corrupt people stop getting into the Congo, let alone steal from the Congo Mines what is in our computers or cell phones all use! Have you seen the children working and adults in the most terrible conditions, yet many people think electric cars is the answer using these compounds that people are dying over as they mine them! COME ON, we all can do better then this, please!


  So are you understanding that we need to define and then define how best to do this? Our plan has worked a startup plan for every community to do as they join far and wide w/others, and together we would define local or afar priority's, w/critical thinkers that have solutions that skillfully know the complex life on earth is dying daily, and it cannot continue as it sustains our food source, and once it's gone we Humans fo extinct!

  The UN is not on top of this date, nor Gov's nor G20-7-research, etc. or other Businesses! So we need to take this seriously but not make it fear based as in  or as in Covert doing now w/planning a false alien attack using human made alien crafts pretending they are aliens, how bad is that? Same people w/ COVID's toxic vaccines, as many are profiting and that was all planned, as like 85-90% of the 800k people under Pres Trump died due to not listening, and a Dr he had on staff, told Pres Trump to use other medicine, but Trump was misled by others, Kushner also part of that group. Now many are ill, due to pushing pharma's and some corrupt from CDC-WHO-Dr Fauci's ideas, Bill Gates, and others. 40% more of children up to 18 I think, is committing suicide over these COVID toxic mandate restrictions! These details, I shared in past writings from Dr's I respect in Functional Medicine; www.ifm.org, you can see in past posts of mine here on Nabble.

So what are you thinking-feeling about what i'm telling you? Is it worth it to you to share this so you can gather more insight to part time take part, and Donate to us to complete a nice working platform here, so as you too can make your own, creating upon-correcting us-adding your input, etc.?

    Our startup plan will start w/a agroecological assessment, and I want to learn more of the trans boundary migration natural paths of large browsers to fuel communities to restore and transition, knowing natural water ways for all life, as well cooperative help for all life! 

   Emeritus Prof Miguel Altieir has fueled me for many years to build upon his work and his Associates at SOCLA, Latin American Scientists and more!  We will have a category of links of his and all on message board to contact and experience their way of living w/agroecological systems in tact! They can feed the world if given more land! And we want every community to feed themselves as well see this is far more then farming, it is a way of harmony and survival for all life on earth! I asked him also to review Dr Ye Tao's and Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's work. Dr Ye welcomes all to his project also to add input! I feel we need to remain grounded, or get grounded if yet to be, meaning realize how we are destroying what sustains life on earth, even below our feet, yet many of us have not been aware!

   When we create this Nabble message board, and archive to post, of toxic via like ecosystems, seasons, subjects, of mind-developments-services-and acts, as well solutions, we then will no more be left isolated as many are! As well we will hold self and others accountable locally and afar! From reading labels of the toxic in foods-Nuclear radiation monitoring as many communities unaware it circulates our earth, some places more then others, as well accumulates, not just in our children via sex transferred along w/accumulating from food we eat-air-pollens-rain-snow-dust, waste not cared for properly from Nuclear plant's accidents and usage-large ships, as well weapons of war to stop, and more! Not to mention our lack of awareness, and once people start filling in one's startup plan gathering neighbors even entire Continents, so assessments can do the best for all, knowing where to put what most efficiently to help all!

  Do you people not realize all the work Dr Helen Caldicott has done trying to save us from toxic Nuclear use, meanwhile more of you want to build more plans and weapons of war w/them, that is crazy! Please see her great work she has done all her life as a pediatrician and more to inform us! IAEA don't listen, nor UN, to name a few let alone many Gov Heads!

    Please see this beautiful women's offerings! Please support all her needs and use her skill to monitor your community's of Nuclear radiation! So children know when to go outside to play, what ocean food to eat, or family's know where to live to have a healthy child, etc! And much more!


     But also I have to say I don't agree with Wikipedia on President Putin, I suggest this problem is a bigger puzzle to address and we should start w/this information, not believe Wikipedia, but address the subject as all are to be held accountable. So what Dr Caldicott is bringing to our attention, is what we all need to address, but I suggest starting here w/yourself, not blaming only Pres Putin, it goes deeper;


 Let's go back to grounding with our beautiful earth, please, so we know what being whole is all about, then we can make policy changes, not get lost in idiots yet to be aware of our natural world and how we can enhance it!

  Thanks to the many skilled in agroecology willing to guide us as we do fai exchanges, no ones should be left behind!
  We will not give up until simple living is respected knowing all can learn, and in our sharing we can learn who is taking advantage and who not to work with? We no more want to be stupid or allow stupidity to hurt us!

  La Via Campesina says it nicely, see also their earthly work supporting our ability to skillfully live, and no more fighting is needed for peace to happen! Share kindness or stay from them and together we will find another way that works to stay safe w/harmony doing our work, celebrating along the way, if we cooperatively join in, mindfully acting learning your skills, to organize and link, thank you!!

     Please people, we all have suffered enough from ignorance, lets try another way making peace, as many appreciate you and more as we share your good work! See more under agroecology subcategory as I invite you skilled to share your your links for people to start learning a way that works, how you can guide us-fees and terms for one to see hands on or via other means of your offerings! I share your update w/all!


    Ex; As in trans boundary migration paths of large browsers, as many have no clue of the ecological help they do, vs eco parks that set aside humans from the natural world `boon w/them to do what they culturally know best working the seasons, yet Gov's stop them wrongly!

    Ex; Prioritizing toxic-watershed areas to prevent floods and to keep water in the ground yearly and you will see lists of these advantages and we will put categories as started before as samples. As in not take away water from any life, letting the large browsers determine our communities! If you know of such community `boon w/large browsers please let me know so I can share more lessons to us all!

    Ex; Find a public location until more get to know each other, respecting one's privacy, physical and mental abilities-weather preparedness alternatives-car pool-trekking or w/bicycles sharing food and info w/those unable to come for starters! Recycle w/local planners-Gov's and all, let them know ahead of time to get out there maps, to use ecological boundaries beyond political!

  Please all note, this is a transition, supported by all, not cold turkey of anything, but human respect so we support all even those doing wrong, to understand, and if we cannot help them do that, then we try to find another too!! 

    Ex; As many have no clue of Aerosol Masking Effects where we cannot go cold turkey on carbon emissions from us all, including oil refinery's etc. where Prof Guy has helped us to understand much about trying to save life on earth that we all are destroying yet unaware of, that sustains us all!. As in the complex life will die that sustains our food source and we will follow!! COVID restricting driving showed how more cold leaving negative effects. Prof Guy tells more on that at his Nature Bat's Last, site.

  Thank you Guy and your lady, for all you do!

     TO BE CONTINUED; As we start subcategories efficiently acting part time!

If interested in Private Conversation or Donating, please email me, kara; farmwuwei@gmail.com due to kareje@ictts.org gmail not stable, REF; I have to Donate. Please make sure you also have funds to transfer for bank documents required, etc. so no fees due from us, please!

Thank you! Please check back and help us make this most efficient for all to want to join in to do one's part!

Peace be with you!

love, kara j lincoln speaking for our `combined effect...

                              La Via Campesina universal peace for us all!                                                         

Photo from ` La Via Campesina, see more in `Agroecology subcategories!

                        Please see as a gift, this photo of a beautiful agroecological community in China, Thank you China!

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Join Congo For Peace Vigil 12.30.22 6-9 EST.

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in Support Dr. Steven Greer's campaign to end illegal UFO and Free Energy Technology secrecy.
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More of Dr Peter Mccullough w/Senator Ron Johnson on what Federal Health Officials not telling the American Public and more.

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WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO?? Is to share common sense we all need to prioritize, please see and share!

in `Conversations are most important now to not just talk but to shine a light beaming a nice natural frequency, please join in!
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Please do check back for updates as we add, thank you as well! http://i-come-to-talk-story-welcomes-all-as-we-appreciate-the-many-sk.22.s1.nabble.com/START-UP-PLAN-UNDERSTANDING-td7560533.html Nothing is more important then when crises happen, when... read more

Climate Honesty - Ending Climate Brightsiding

in `Conversations are most important now to not just talk but to shine a light beaming a nice natural frequency, please join in!
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Hear Dr Ye Tao on his truth; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw85K7MjwYk 10,569 views Nov 13, 2022 Current data on emissions, atmospheric concentrations, global temperatures, and widening impacts are frightening. Even so, some of the most worrying science has been downplayed, while th... read more
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